Wednesday, 5. May 2010

Shirt 2.0

About 8 months ago, I walked into a fabric store and fell in love with a piece of cherry patterend cotton. It was perfect, summery, fun, bright. Just what I wanted. So I bought tons of it and a shirt pattern to go with it. I was gonna make myself a cherry shirt.

(Sorry for the bad picture, it is quite late...)

Somehow the cherry shirt never happened until this Sunday I pulled out the pattern, pulled out the fabric and started working on it. And I couldn't stop. I spent most of the day stitching along while taking many breaks to cuddle the cats and eat something or make tea, even read. What I am trying to say: making a shirt isn't that darn complicated. And it doesn't even take forever. I am very happy with the way it turned out, I mean there are some minor flaws here and there, but considering this is the first item of clothing I have ever made, I did well. I changed a lot from the original pattern, I altered the collar, so that it is bigger and I did short sleeves. I also didn't do the pocket. I wanted to have a quick, simple summer shirt and I think it was a suceess indeed.

(delicous cherry pattern...)

Today I had some time on my hand and I pulled out one of many black long sleeve shirts I own. (I used to work in a place where I had to wear black all the time, so that's why I have that many. I am actually not too big on the colour.) I carefully cut the stitches between the collar and the shirt and took it off. Then I took out the collar pattern from my shirt pattern, adjusted the size and made a collar from a piece of blue and white gingham I had lying around. I actually am planning to do a video or step-by-step instruction post, so I won't go into detail right now. I did the same with the pocket, but here I actually copied it one by one, since I didn't want the stitches from the original pocket to show. I cut off the sleeves, to make it a short sleeve and replaced the black buttons with vintage orange ones, I just happened to have exactly enough. I love when that happens. And here is the shirt:

Doesn't it look great? (I had to add my Love From Hetty & Dave peach brooch, it was just too perfect a fit) I just love the way the collar turned out, because you know, normal collars are for normal people. I need something else:

I reallyreally love this shirt and can't wait to wear it, very probably this Saturday at the Akuma Station gig? Mr Buttons is also now considering doing a whole collection of these, to sell I mean. Any thoughts?

Saturday, 10. April 2010

moving, tea cozies and narrating circles

So sorry for being a bad blogger these past weeks. My flatmate very out of the blue told me to move out and that made living together VERY uncomfortable. Luckily I found something quickly and moved within 10 days. Good thing I don't have that much stuff.

So my new flatmate is quite cat obsessed, which I think is amazing, because there are two VERY cute kitties in the house and everything is covered with cat pictures, cups, figurines, etc. Obviously I won't complain, being the proud owner of three cat pictures myself. And as a result I am making a tea cozy that is covered with cats, you can have a little preview right now, because - you know - I like you all so much:

I made this very easy and quick, using an old and very ugly tea cozy (sunflowers anyone?) that I cut apart and then just used the lining. Fabric is from vintage bed linen I got at the charity shop and that used to be curtains, with the lining coming from IKEA. (It's the same fabric as the cats) And on the appliqués you can see how lazy I am: I glued the bits on with glue stick and am just stitching once around by hand, since I don't care about fraying really. Gluing it on is a good trick though for any kind of appliqué even machine stitched, because it holds the two pieces together much better that pins and my particular brand of glue washes out at 40°C. Obviously on a tea cozy it doesn't really matter, but on clothes it does.

And then yesterday evening I attended the first every monthly "Erzählkreis" (narrating circle) and it was a lot of fun. You might ask what the whole thing is, so I will tell you: we all sit together and everyone tells a story. It can be fictional or non-fictional, it doesn't matter as long as it is narrated freely, no reading out allowed. After everyone did the story they prepared, we did a couple of rounds of circle stories, where everyone only gets to say a word (which didn't work out that well) or a sentence (which worked out very well). So you don't really have to bring a story with you. But you will have to narrate sooner or later. (I don't think we would force someone though. But it's fun. And we are all just amateurs anyways. So it doesn't matter too much how good you are.) In case anyone is interested, the next Erzählkreis (and they are called "Phantastus' lustige Runde" btw) will be on the 27th of May, 8 o'clock p.m. at Piazza Bar, Hirschengraben, Bern. The more the merrier.

Saturday, 27. March 2010

ginger cake and doll troubles.

This is the ginger cake, I made today, following this recipe. It is one of my most favourite things ever and one of those true hand-me-down recipes (all the really great ones are, I believe) that I got from my aunt inclosed in a letter years ago.

And here we have those doll troubles. No matter how long I look at it, I keep changing it, I can't get myself to like this hair. The curls are all wrong, too squished and don't get me started on the fact that it looks more like snakes in the first place. I tried to use the feathers as a kind of burlesque head dress and it helped a bit I think. Or I just messed it up for sure. One more doll for the bin. (Yes, there are ones that I have binned in the past. And many I started from scratch again. And even more I wish I would have started all over again. Fabric is forgiving that way. So is thread. So are buttons. Sigh... maybe I shouldn't have hot glued on the feathers. Stitching is better. Stitching is always better.)

This dress on the other hand I am happy with. More than happy with. It took ages to make, but it turned out EXACTLY the way I intended it too. It doesn't happen too often that I can say that. But the button question I am still not certain about. There are other buttons. I do have some really tiny white ones (those are actually for doll clothes!) and then there is a remarkable collection of clear glass buttons that I have tried to put on each doll I have made in the last year and somehow they have never fit.

So we'll see what I'll do about these dolls. I will keep you posted no matter what.

And yes, those are more or less the most sincere problems I have at the moment. Oh, apart from my dooming unemployment, but I hear they make a cream for that now.

Monday, 2. November 2009

What I have been doing with all the time I have...

Also I am switching to English, since there are some of my friends that only speak it, so it makes sense.

Firstly I want to present my latest doll, since crafting is my way too often dormant favourite hobby of all times. And well, my dolls, what can I say, they are my babies.

Her name is 'Lucille Kaball' (I was in an I love Lucy craze when I made her) and against common belief, she is not a Scot. She is a rockabilly chick that happens to have red hair. (and how amazingly pin curled does that hair look?!) Don't be so racist, my friends. I think this is the kind of doll I should make more of, since I have so much fun styling them!!! I am guessing that this is what I would dress like as a girl. I just love skirts and polkadots and ribbons so much! Oh and red hair of course. Gotta love a ginger fella. They are just fab.

This picture is probably the best hand drawn thing I have done in ages. I don't consider myself too blessed with that sorta things, but there was a boring moment at work where I just had to draw this thing down, after a friend of mine suggested to make a mermaid doll to get rid of some of my mother of pearl buttons. (I am quite a button-holic. I have tons and tons of buttons and they are always getting more and more. Essential for dolls though, so that's an excuse...) As you can see she has fins instead of hands. Because you know, she's more fishy than the ones in Disneyland.

And to top it all of (because that'll be all for now), a self portrait, taken with my Kodak Retinette, one of those amazing flea market finds, since it is in perfect shape, was buried under a pile of half broken cameras and cost like nothing. Gotta love a vintage bargain!!!

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