Saturday, 15. May 2010

Flappin' away...

Do you remember this doll and how I didn't like it? Well, I worked on it today and managed to make a decent imitation of a flapper dress from fringe trim. Or at least I think it's decent. It falls below the knee nonetheless, I do care about that kind of historical accuracy. And it flappers nicely. Flap. Flapflap.

The dress took eons to stitch by hand, should've just done it by machine... I do love hand stitching though and it turned out great. Also turns out the thread I used? Vintage silk thread. Maybe a bit fancy for a doll, but then again, the colour matched and I got a whole bag of thread for a fiver at the charity shop. I do care about a bargain. And the cute little wooden thread barrels. I do care about those too. I am not sure about what accessories to give her... I know she'll need something around her neck, maybe a string of pearls or a choker? I don't know yet... But I do have half a mind to make her a couple of flapper friends... I do like her that much. Whether she'll sell is the other question, but I am planning to go down in the price for the Dionysien. I mean that'll mean selling them under their value, but what can you do? You have to adjust the price, if demand is low... economy, what a tough b****...

Friday, 26. March 2010

what i have been up to lately and i'll slap my hand

I know, I know. No contents whatsoever for ages. Bad, bad Sandro. Well, on the one hand I have been busy and on the other the whole blogging thing kinda comes to a total halt once you don't really have anything to say. Especially since I want to move more towards crafts and vintage lifestyle content-wise. And then it's always one big thing with pictures and stuff. Gnarf.

Well, today I am off and the light happened to be ok. AND I don't feel too much like crafting. It's just one of those days. So I thought I could do a post here and show to whom it may concern what I am up to most of the time, when I am not out or sleeping or working.

So these are a couple of my dolls. I call them "voodoo dolls that don't like it, when you stick needle in them". So please don't. They were pricked by me many times already, believe me. Now the outer ones have hand-sewn bodies, while the middle one is machine-sewn, which I prefer a lot, I must say. You can't really tell from these two, because the one is felted cashmere (I got it for free) and the other one is jersey, both fabrics that hardly fray. But most of the time I am not that lucky and it ends up looking messy. Which I don't like. Plus it takes a lot longer and I am not known for my patience. Not really. So I make them a bit smaller (they are still circa 23 centimeters) and they look a lot neater. All good.

Here another batch of dolls, all in a more or less unfinished stage. Yes, even the one in the pink skirt isn't finished. It needs something more. And you can see part of the mess that happens on my crafts table whenever I am making dolls. There are buttons all over the place. I just need to have them all out. Then I can spend hours and hours cleaning them up again. Erm.

This is a close up of my latest. My favourite and least favourite kind of hair. Favourite, because it looks ace, if I may say so myself. Least favourite, because the yarn I used is a chance encounter I had. At a vintage stall, I picked up a bag with this yarn in it, twisted and fastened together the way embroidery floss usually is (If you don't know what it looks like, just google pictures of embroidery floss. It all looks the same.), and because it was old, it had started to felt together lighty, just enough to hold it together and be used in this way to make the most wonderful 50s curls. Oh and exactly the right amount for one doll, can you imagine? But it's all used up now. Gnarf. (And yes, I have tried to do it differently, but it just never turned out this way.)

So this is it for now. Soon all of these can be bought on and on the 5th to 8th of August I will have my first ever stall at a festival, I am helping to organize! Will keep you posted, this is it for now.

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