some explanations for me being too busy to blog

First I want to apologize for my lack of blogging this past two and a half months... wow, only now realizing how long it has actually been! I have been more than busy with co-organizing a festival. Where I had a stall with Mr Buttons stuff. Where I also had a photo exhibition. Where I also was the lead in a play. Where I also was a supporting character in an operetta. So I hope this is partly an explanation for this total lack of posts, but it has been ages since I slept a decent amount of hours. Except this week, which is mostly because I am lying in bed with a stomach flu. So much for a nice stressless life, but I will stop complaining this instance.

So let me tell you about that festival I have been organizing. It's called the Städtischen Dionysien, reminiscent of a festivity in Ancient Greece to honour Dionysus the Greek god of wine and theatre. What we did is organize a festival of four days with a political discussions, theatre productions, readings, exhibitions, concerts and much, much more. And I was also allowed to have a little stall of Mr Buttons merchandise:

(so this is the only picture of me and the stall where I don't smile like a psycho killer into the camera - probably because I am busy reading)

The stall went alright (there was generally low attendance at the festival), but I realized that I will need price tags in the future. Most people were reluctant to ask for prices, probably thinking they are a lot higher. Sadly it was the same as last time: I sold many ear rings and brooches, but neither dolls nor customized gloves.. they were admired though... still, it'd be nice to sell some actual sewing art... I mean those two things are the most fun to make, button and other earrings are kinda simple and quick in comparison and don't require too much skill. I still had a lot of fun and got a nice request that I managed to make on Saturday morning, because, well, setting up the stall and having rehearsals apparently wasn't enough to do. But then you get a happy customer smile and it's all worth it:

(She didn't have pierced ears, but really loved the earrings that I made from shellac record shards, so I custom made her a pair with clip-ons!!)

And then I had this little photo exhibition, which all started with my friend, director of my play and operetta and main organisor of the festival telling people that I will have a photo exhibition at the Dionysien this year - which at that point I had never actually confirmed. Since we didn't really have many artists to exhibit, I quickly agreed and almost instantly had an idea: I would make a little boy from a suitcase and then take pictures of him in typical little boy situations. We had a streak of bad luck with weather and scheduling conflicts, so I ended up only doing a percentage of the shoots I wanted to do - so there will be more, but here are a few shots of my exhibition which got quite some lovely feedback, so I decided it was all worth it. Meet Nutcase, my little boy.

The name, concept & design of Nutcase and his story are the property of Sandro. These images are © Martin Oberst. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The last picture shows the photoalbum I made with all the images (due to cost and room I only had a couple enlarged), each accompanied by a little four-line-poem. The idea was to make it all a bit sad, since he looks like a little boy, but he doesn't really have arms or a heart and his mouth is just painted on. Soon the whole shoot will be online and then I will link to it, and there will be all the pictures and all the poems and the dedication and all that lovely stuff, but for the moment these images must suffice.

So will only say a couple of words about the play and operetta, mainly because I am getting tired again, seems I haven't really kicked the flu yet. The play went phenomenal, we all were really happy with ourselves and I actually had a blind date that came and saw it and he didn't leave right after. Which is quite nice considering what an annoying moron I had to play on stage. So that was quite a good night for me all in all. The operetta went....okay... I made some mistakes in my lines which is annoying since I had learned the text meticulously... but they didn't show too much I think, since my character was supposed to be all weird and nervous... so it all went more or less well.

So I will leave you with this for now and promise to blog some more soonish!
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