This is me.

I would like it very much, if my story went something like: "All my life I have wanted to be a designer." or "I wouldn't play anything but dress-up as a kid, so naturally, I had to end up this way." But in truth it isn't anything like it.

As a toddler I liked to play "chef" and would sit in the kitchen on the floor with a colander and a spatula in my hands. There are pictures too. Later at the age of six or seven, I got obsessed with reading and I still kinda am. So no. It hasn't been fashion all my life. Or sewing all my life. It has been reading all my life.

So why do I feel the need to have a crafting/thrifting/fashion blog? Because even though it is a passion I have discovered quite recently (in the last couple of years only), it just feels right. I love it. I love vintage fashion, I love hunting down hidden treasures in charity shops and I love sewing lovely things on my vintage sewing machine. I collect old pictures of strangers and have to keep myself from buying vintage suitcases, that I'd never use.

So what is this all about? What am I all about? Well, I am all about creating my own universe. I love to take pictures, to decorate, to write short stories, to sew (obviously), to act and above all, I like to dress up with shiny shoes, hats and bow ties, even if I am only going to the grocery store. I have recently sewn my first clothes ever and am happy with it. So after quitting university and doing not much career-wise for the last two years, I finally know what I want to do with my life: I wanna be a designer. Sorta like Alexander McQueen, minus the suicide.

Until I fullfill these plans, because I will apply for schools and stuff, but won't have time to start till next year, I will sew and thrift and enjoy the little things in life. And not care too much about the future.

I will also sell most of the things I make and gladly accept comission work. You can contact me by email
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