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Do you remember this doll and how I didn't like it? Well, I worked on it today and managed to make a decent imitation of a flapper dress from fringe trim. Or at least I think it's decent. It falls below the knee nonetheless, I do care about that kind of historical accuracy. And it flappers nicely. Flap. Flapflap.

The dress took eons to stitch by hand, should've just done it by machine... I do love hand stitching though and it turned out great. Also turns out the thread I used? Vintage silk thread. Maybe a bit fancy for a doll, but then again, the colour matched and I got a whole bag of thread for a fiver at the charity shop. I do care about a bargain. And the cute little wooden thread barrels. I do care about those too. I am not sure about what accessories to give her... I know she'll need something around her neck, maybe a string of pearls or a choker? I don't know yet... But I do have half a mind to make her a couple of flapper friends... I do like her that much. Whether she'll sell is the other question, but I am planning to go down in the price for the Dionysien. I mean that'll mean selling them under their value, but what can you do? You have to adjust the price, if demand is low... economy, what a tough b****...
Jeremy (guest) - 15. Mar, 10:39

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James Cameron (guest) - 16. May, 13:45


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Rose (guest) - 22. May, 13:46

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Sandy (guest) - 1. Jun, 13:02

Wow! I like the idea of the doll! I think my sister will enjoy playing with it. I am working with Alice at rewardedessays and she is a mother of 3 kids. She would appreciate this post as well.

Cheryl (guest) - 12. Jun, 08:42


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