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About 8 months ago, I walked into a fabric store and fell in love with a piece of cherry patterend cotton. It was perfect, summery, fun, bright. Just what I wanted. So I bought tons of it and a shirt pattern to go with it. I was gonna make myself a cherry shirt.

(Sorry for the bad picture, it is quite late...)

Somehow the cherry shirt never happened until this Sunday I pulled out the pattern, pulled out the fabric and started working on it. And I couldn't stop. I spent most of the day stitching along while taking many breaks to cuddle the cats and eat something or make tea, even read. What I am trying to say: making a shirt isn't that darn complicated. And it doesn't even take forever. I am very happy with the way it turned out, I mean there are some minor flaws here and there, but considering this is the first item of clothing I have ever made, I did well. I changed a lot from the original pattern, I altered the collar, so that it is bigger and I did short sleeves. I also didn't do the pocket. I wanted to have a quick, simple summer shirt and I think it was a suceess indeed.

(delicous cherry pattern...)

Today I had some time on my hand and I pulled out one of many black long sleeve shirts I own. (I used to work in a place where I had to wear black all the time, so that's why I have that many. I am actually not too big on the colour.) I carefully cut the stitches between the collar and the shirt and took it off. Then I took out the collar pattern from my shirt pattern, adjusted the size and made a collar from a piece of blue and white gingham I had lying around. I actually am planning to do a video or step-by-step instruction post, so I won't go into detail right now. I did the same with the pocket, but here I actually copied it one by one, since I didn't want the stitches from the original pocket to show. I cut off the sleeves, to make it a short sleeve and replaced the black buttons with vintage orange ones, I just happened to have exactly enough. I love when that happens. And here is the shirt:

Doesn't it look great? (I had to add my Love From Hetty & Dave peach brooch, it was just too perfect a fit) I just love the way the collar turned out, because you know, normal collars are for normal people. I need something else:

I reallyreally love this shirt and can't wait to wear it, very probably this Saturday at the Akuma Station gig? Mr Buttons is also now considering doing a whole collection of these, to sell I mean. Any thoughts?
Peters Couch (guest) - 7. Mar, 20:54


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