ginger cake and doll troubles.

This is the ginger cake, I made today, following this recipe. It is one of my most favourite things ever and one of those true hand-me-down recipes (all the really great ones are, I believe) that I got from my aunt inclosed in a letter years ago.

And here we have those doll troubles. No matter how long I look at it, I keep changing it, I can't get myself to like this hair. The curls are all wrong, too squished and don't get me started on the fact that it looks more like snakes in the first place. I tried to use the feathers as a kind of burlesque head dress and it helped a bit I think. Or I just messed it up for sure. One more doll for the bin. (Yes, there are ones that I have binned in the past. And many I started from scratch again. And even more I wish I would have started all over again. Fabric is forgiving that way. So is thread. So are buttons. Sigh... maybe I shouldn't have hot glued on the feathers. Stitching is better. Stitching is always better.)

This dress on the other hand I am happy with. More than happy with. It took ages to make, but it turned out EXACTLY the way I intended it too. It doesn't happen too often that I can say that. But the button question I am still not certain about. There are other buttons. I do have some really tiny white ones (those are actually for doll clothes!) and then there is a remarkable collection of clear glass buttons that I have tried to put on each doll I have made in the last year and somehow they have never fit.

So we'll see what I'll do about these dolls. I will keep you posted no matter what.

And yes, those are more or less the most sincere problems I have at the moment. Oh, apart from my dooming unemployment, but I hear they make a cream for that now.
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The twist are all incorrect, excessively squished and don't boot me off on the method that it look more Master Paper Writers like snake in any case.
Aaron (guest) - 30. May, 12:35

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RobertMorgan (guest) - 25. May, 08:15


The reason I most cherished this cake is a direct result of how distinctive it was from the treats I typically make. I was stressed that it would turn out like gingerbread which I couldn't care less for, however, it didn't. It was definitely cake, and not in the slightest degree bread-like. Buy custom coursework The crunch garnish was entirely different than the more ordinary crisp topping most likely because of the absence of margarine.

PaulSharpe (guest) - 9. Jun, 11:50


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