What I have been doing with all the time I have...

Also I am switching to English, since there are some of my friends that only speak it, so it makes sense.

Firstly I want to present my latest doll, since crafting is my way too often dormant favourite hobby of all times. And well, my dolls, what can I say, they are my babies.

Her name is 'Lucille Kaball' (I was in an I love Lucy craze when I made her) and against common belief, she is not a Scot. She is a rockabilly chick that happens to have red hair. (and how amazingly pin curled does that hair look?!) Don't be so racist, my friends. I think this is the kind of doll I should make more of, since I have so much fun styling them!!! I am guessing that this is what I would dress like as a girl. I just love skirts and polkadots and ribbons so much! Oh and red hair of course. Gotta love a ginger fella. They are just fab.

This picture is probably the best hand drawn thing I have done in ages. I don't consider myself too blessed with that sorta things, but there was a boring moment at work where I just had to draw this thing down, after a friend of mine suggested to make a mermaid doll to get rid of some of my mother of pearl buttons. (I am quite a button-holic. I have tons and tons of buttons and they are always getting more and more. Essential for dolls though, so that's an excuse...) As you can see she has fins instead of hands. Because you know, she's more fishy than the ones in Disneyland.

And to top it all of (because that'll be all for now), a self portrait, taken with my Kodak Retinette, one of those amazing flea market finds, since it is in perfect shape, was buried under a pile of half broken cameras and cost like nothing. Gotta love a vintage bargain!!!
Laureen Zanotti - 3. Nov, 17:32

Hi Strandi

First of all congrats on your doll project! How did you get Lucille's hair so curly? -is that wool?
I think your creations would look really good as accessories dangling from handbags, etc. (it's something Marc Jacobs might go for-you should somehow let him know about your dolls)
In my opinion, the perfect career for you would be to work as an accessories designer for the fashion industry. Looks like you've got great potential! (BTW: the Retinette-photo of you could already serve as your logo; it makes sense since it's so retro-kinda like your project).

Carl (guest) - 1. Mar, 12:04

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