Saturday, 10. April 2010

moving, tea cozies and narrating circles

So sorry for being a bad blogger these past weeks. My flatmate very out of the blue told me to move out and that made living together VERY uncomfortable. Luckily I found something quickly and moved within 10 days. Good thing I don't have that much stuff.

So my new flatmate is quite cat obsessed, which I think is amazing, because there are two VERY cute kitties in the house and everything is covered with cat pictures, cups, figurines, etc. Obviously I won't complain, being the proud owner of three cat pictures myself. And as a result I am making a tea cozy that is covered with cats, you can have a little preview right now, because - you know - I like you all so much:

I made this very easy and quick, using an old and very ugly tea cozy (sunflowers anyone?) that I cut apart and then just used the lining. Fabric is from vintage bed linen I got at the charity shop and that used to be curtains, with the lining coming from IKEA. (It's the same fabric as the cats) And on the appliqués you can see how lazy I am: I glued the bits on with glue stick and am just stitching once around by hand, since I don't care about fraying really. Gluing it on is a good trick though for any kind of appliqué even machine stitched, because it holds the two pieces together much better that pins and my particular brand of glue washes out at 40°C. Obviously on a tea cozy it doesn't really matter, but on clothes it does.

And then yesterday evening I attended the first every monthly "Erzählkreis" (narrating circle) and it was a lot of fun. You might ask what the whole thing is, so I will tell you: we all sit together and everyone tells a story. It can be fictional or non-fictional, it doesn't matter as long as it is narrated freely, no reading out allowed. After everyone did the story they prepared, we did a couple of rounds of circle stories, where everyone only gets to say a word (which didn't work out that well) or a sentence (which worked out very well). So you don't really have to bring a story with you. But you will have to narrate sooner or later. (I don't think we would force someone though. But it's fun. And we are all just amateurs anyways. So it doesn't matter too much how good you are.) In case anyone is interested, the next Erzählkreis (and they are called "Phantastus' lustige Runde" btw) will be on the 27th of May, 8 o'clock p.m. at Piazza Bar, Hirschengraben, Bern. The more the merrier.

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